To prevent this from happening, mix the cans of the same color in a container.

Thus, you avoid differences in tone in the environment you want to paint.
Choosing the right paint can be a difficult task due to the wide variety on the
market. Therefore, it is necessary to know which is the most suitable paint for
each environment, as the choice of the product, made correctly, will define the
final result of the painting and even the durability of the work.
Knowing the differences present between the internal environments and the
indications of each product is fundamental for the use of the ink. For example,
for walls, it is recommended to choose acrylic paint, as it is water-based, has
low odor, and its resin is more resistant. The wall painted with it can eventually
be cleaned with a soft sponge and water with mild detergent, making the
painting look beautiful for longer.
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It can also be applied on masonry in damp
environments, such as bathroom walls (excluding those in the shower stall) and
Acrylic paints can be found in matte, satin and semi-gloss finishes. For high
circulation environments, or in children’s rooms, where the walls are likely to get
dirty more quickly, it is recommended to choose acrylic paint with a satin or
semi-gloss finish, as they form a smoother film and this facilitates cleaning, but
it is necessary that the wall is well prepared, as these finishes highlight