This type of paint is very durable and resistant, more than those mentioned above.

It is a good
option for the floor, as it can even handle people walking on it.
This type of paint is used a lot for painting tiles, and it really works. Tiles, however, have a very
smooth surface, and this lack of porosity reduces the resistance of epoxy paint, especially
when used in areas that receive constant moisture, such as the shower stall in the bathroom.
You find this paint with a matte finish in light colors; darker colors are only available with a
glossy finish.
It is oil-based and has a very strong smell and slow drying. This type of paint is suitable for
floors and tiles.
Types of paint: acrylic or latex?
The main difference between the two types of paint is the resin in greater quantity in the
acrylic paint, which gives it greater durability and resistance. Therefore, it can be used in more
humid environments, such as bathrooms and washrooms, as well as in external places, such as
facades and backyards, as it has greater permeability (therefore, it can also be washed).
In addition, acrylic paint is recognized for having a better quality than latex paint, and for this
reason its price is a little higher. Another difference is in the finish. While acrylic paint can be
satin or glossy, latex only offers a matte finish.
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